[PVE-User] Basic SOHO (test/lab) cluster setup guide

Michael Peele peele1 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 20:16:43 CET 2016

I'm working on building my personal SOHO cluster.  I started with a Windows
Home Server for everything, then found Proxmox.
I've got a few old PCs and one newish one.
I plan to run my primary storage with family photos, videos, and documents,
so reliability is important.  (But, alas, I haven't afforded ECC memory,
and that debate is out of scope of this question.)


   - two or three small home/office PCs with varying amounts of Mirrored
   SSD and Mirrored HDD,
   - no need for actual HA, but being able to move an instance from one
   hardware box to another would be great.
   - need for some speed (I'm impatient, thus have SSDs) in bursts
   - need for backup of important folders, and no backup of test/liveCD
   type VM instances.
   - need for external access (which I'm planning on Owncloud)

Is there a setup guide for a good, cheap, solid, stable 2 node cluster with
I've already spend too much time getting ZFS boot and ZFS storage to be
able to house disk images and containers.  It is working now.

For example, should I use ZFS, or Gluster or Cephs?  Aren't Gluster and
Cephs newer, less stable, and more complex?  What about DRBD?  Does DRBD go
on top of ZFS or is it a replacement?

When I started with Proxmox, it seemed really easy and intuitive, which is
why I chose it and not VMWare (along with that whole Windows requirement
for VMWare) or something else.  Now it seems like Proxmox is as complex or
more.  I don't want to become a Proxmox expert to use it.  (I don't need to
be an automotive engineer to drive to work.)

So, I've started putting together my own setup guide...

Thanks in advance.
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