[PVE-User] ZFS over iSCSI...

Dimitris Beletsiotis dimitris.beletsiotis at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 12:20:12 CET 2016

+1 for ZFS over iSCSI using an Omnios+Napp-it storage system.

Keep in mind that for low-budget needs you may use 2 Proxmox nodes with 
local ZFS storage (hyperconvergence !) and backup from primary by using 
ZFS incremental snapshots.
Proxmox suppports local ZFS storage from 3.4 version 
-Much lower budget since you do not need 10G separate network for 
hypervisor-storage communication, and additional nodes for storage!
-No possibility for live migration since there is not a shared storage.
-Reduced flexibility since hypervisor and storage are in the same system.


On 17-Feb-16 22:53, Michael Rasmussen wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Feb 2016 23:31:50 +0300
> Mikhail <m at plus-plus.su> wrote:
>> So after your and Steffen's responses I'm going to give it a try as per
>> Wiki instructions with Omnios over 10Gbit network.
> Should any of you run into a problem we have a discussion list for
> omnios here: http://lists.omniti.com/mailman/listinfo/omnios-discuss
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