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Scott Dowdle dowdle at montanalinux.org
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> > I wanted to know some tips about why Proxmox teem decided to migrate to
> > lxc. Or why do you think openvz teem didn't find support for new
> > linux kernel. After all, I felt happy with openvz containers.
> The previous OpenVZ project (openvz legacy) does no longer exists (no
> more development).
> The new one (called virtuozzo) is not even ready ...
> Beside, we want/need newer 4.X kernels for various reason, not old
> 3.10. The OpenVZ team does not provide that.

I have no qualms with you having switched from OpenVZ to LXC... but just to clarify, OpenVZ Legacy does indeed exist, gets regular updates, and will be supported until Nov. 2019 as seen here:


While it is true that the EL6-based OpenVZ kernel branch is no longer the focus of their future development (Virtuozzo 7 is obviously), they are supporting it and will continue to.

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