[PVE-User] New node not showing in datacenter

Jean R. Franco jfranco at maila.net.br
Thu Dec 29 12:41:47 CET 2016


I'm having the same problem, the commands below return all fine.
It only affects the GUI on the old nodes, if I login on the new node it works.
I rebooted the whole cluster but it didn't fix it.

It only relates to the newest version:
proxmox-ve: 4.4-76 (running kernel: 4.4.35-1-pve)
pve-manager: 4.4-1 (running version: 4.4-1/eb2d6f1e)
pve-kernel-4.4.35-1-pve: 4.4.35-76
pve-kernel-3.19.8-1-pve: 3.19.8-3
lvm2: 2.02.116-pve3
corosync-pve: 2.4.0-1
libqb0: 1.0-1
pve-cluster: 4.0-48
qemu-server: 4.0-101
pve-firmware: 1.1-10
libpve-common-perl: 4.0-83
libpve-access-control: 4.0-19
libpve-storage-perl: 4.0-70
pve-libspice-server1: 0.12.8-1
vncterm: 1.2-1
pve-docs: 4.4-1
pve-qemu-kvm: 2.7.0-9
pve-container: 1.0-88
pve-firewall: 2.0-33
pve-ha-manager: 1.0-38
ksm-control-daemon: 1.2-1
glusterfs-client: 3.5.2-2+deb8u2
lxc-pve: 2.0.6-2
lxcfs: 2.0.5-pve1
criu: 1.6.0-1
novnc-pve: 0.5-8
smartmontools: 6.5+svn4324-1~pve80


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On 12/29/2016 10:57 AM, Florent B wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Today I added a new node to my PVE cluster (every node up-to-date).
> When I connect to one of my 3 old nodes, the new node is not displayed
> (at all, not in the list) in "datacenter" list in GUI.
> If I connect to new node GUI, all nodes are OK.
> "pvecm status" is OK everywhere, and "/etc/pve/.members" too.
> What could be the problem ?

To rule out first a possible  GUI problem:
 * does the following command executed on one of you "old" nodes return
the whole list ?

pvesh get cluster/config/nodes

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