[PVE-User] Checking nfs mount point inside lxc container

Michael JOIGNY mjoigny at neteven.com
Tue Dec 20 17:57:58 CET 2016

Hi everybody,

I would like to write a bash script to check my nfs mount point 
(content) inside my lxc container.

My nfs mount point are mounted on the host with fstab and all my lxc 
container have an entry like "mp0: /xxx,mp=/xxx" in their 

I found that the files's container are located at 
/var/lib/vz/images/[id] on the host but the nfs folder (xxx) is empty 
while files are reachable from the container.

My configuration :

  * Host :
      o pve-kernel                 4.4.15-1-pve
      o lxcfs                          2.0.5-pve1

  * Container config file :
      o arch: i386
        cpulimit: 4
        cpuunits: 1024
        hostname: xxx
        memory: 1024
        mp0: /xxx,mp=/xxx
        nameserver: xxx
        net0: yyy
        net1: xxx
        onboot: 1
        ostype: debian
        rootfs: local:221/vm-221-disk-2.subvol,size=0T
        searchdomain: yyy
        swap: 512

If you have an idea, please let me know.

Kind regards.



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