[PVE-User] Windows & Gluster 3.8

Kevin Lemonnier lemonnierk at ulrar.net
Wed Dec 14 11:54:47 CET 2016

> I've installed gluster 3.8.6 on my pve cluster because the gluster used by
> proxmox too old.

I don't think proxmox comes with any gluster, it's the debian one and as often
with debian packages, it is indeed very old.

> Today i've upgraded to 4.4, snapshot now works well but since i've updated,
> all my windows VM are broken, when windows try to write on disk the vm crash
> without error, even when i try to reinstall a windows, when i partition or
> format the vm instantly crash.
> Someone can help me ?

Not sure here's the best place for this, you might want to try the gluster-users
list instead. I'd advise attaching your logs (/var/log/gluster) since they'll ask
for that anyway :)

Ideally your client logs too, but being a Proxmox user I know how hard that is to
get for proxmox VMs .. That would be a very nice addition to proxmox by the way,
a checkbox or something to get the VM output in a file, for debugging libgfapi
it would help a lot.
Currently the only way I am aware of to get those logs is starting the VM by
hand in a shell, bypassing the web interface.

Kevin Lemonnier
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