[PVE-User] quotaon: Can not find file quota on / [/ dev / loop0] to turn quotas on / off

karel.gonzalez karel.gonzalez at etecsa.cu
Wed Aug 24 18:01:01 CEST 2016

I've been trying to enable quotas by usaurios in a lxc, In hard drive 
options enable quotas but when I try to enable cuoatas within the 
container gives me this error any idea what might be missing me
*SalvaFocsa****root @**: ~ #****quotaon****-a**
**quotaon**: Can not find****file****quota****on 
/****[/****dev****/****loop0**]****to****turn****quotas****on /****off**.**
**quotaon**: Can not find****file****quota****on 
/****[/****dev****/****loop0**]****to****turn****quotas****on /****off**.*

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