[PVE-User] [DRBD-user] Stability issue Proxmox4/DRBD9

Jean-Laurent Ivars jl.ivars at ipgenius.fr
Mon Apr 11 12:08:50 CEST 2016

Hi Claudio,

I wonder the same as you and I’m a little bit afraid about the production ready thing…

I am wondering about downgrading my whole Proxmox installation to have a stable system rather than using something that can brake any day with a simple update… Do you think the version 4 features worth the risk and I should go your way ?

Thank you for your answer again
Best regards,

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> Le 11 avr. 2016 à 10:13, Claudio Nicora <claudio.nicora at gmail.com> a écrit :
> Welcome aboard, and thanks for bringing back an issue that nobody took care of since now.
> It means I was not the alone...
> I've had the same issue a few months ago, I've reported it here (and on Proxmox forums) but the issue is still there.
> Linbit: nobody took care of it (however it's a kernel crash, should be critical enough...)
> Proxmox: a kernel with an updated DRBD module (still DRBD 9.0) was released but the issue persisted. Still wondering how a "non-production ready" feature could end up in a "production ready" bundle like Proxmox 4 without a choice to get DRBD 8.4 back.
> I've sorted it out by downgrading DRBD module to 8.4 and building the kernel module + DRBD tools on my own.
> This is the post on Proxmox forum with a backlink to my blog post where I detailed the actions to downgrade the module.
> I've also set up a script to run after each Proxmox kernel upgrade, just in case.
> PS: still waiting for a feedback from Linbit/Proxmox guys ;)
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