[PVE-User] VDI on Proxmox anyone?

Hermann Himmelbauer hermann at qwer.tk
Tue Sep 29 16:14:52 CEST 2015

Am 24.09.2015 um 15:35 schrieb Kyle Bruene:
> I have a Windows Terminal Services w/ Citrix running under Proxmox. Works fantastic. Nothing special you really need to do.

Good to know, thanks.

However, I wonder if there's a solution without a terminal server, e.g.
like the following:

- One (or multiple) "golden image", where one configures some default
profile of the machine the user should have and where all successing
updates are done.
- From this image, all VDI machines are cloned, whereas thin
provisioning is used.
- The user then does a login to one of these cloned machines, whereas he
gets all personal data (profile) via e.g. roaming profiles or some other

These cloned machines can be destroyed anytime and by simply cloning a
new one from the "golden image", all updates are available.

Any idea regarding this, especially concerning Proxmox?

Best Regards,

hermann at qwer.tk
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