[PVE-User] noVNC external panel

julien.m at shpv.fr julien.m at shpv.fr
Sat Sep 12 00:38:51 CEST 2015


Im trying to dev my panel. Im using VNC, but java was not supported 
until Chrome 45.
Im would integrate noVNC but im always receive INVALID TICKET

After login in api (https://github.com/CpuID/pve2-api-php-client)
i use this script :

$return = $pve2->post("/nodes/node/qemu/vmid/vncproxy");
setrawcookie("PVEAuthCookie", $return['ticket'], time()+3600, "/", 
".shpv.fr"); //I use a domain cookie
$return2 = 

But when i launch noVnc in iframe i have :

Error 401: permission denied - invalid ticket

I can't use :

public function setCookie()
   setrawcookie("PVEAuthCookie", $this->pve_login_ticket['ticket'], 
time()+3600, "/", ".shpv.fr");

for security reason (user can log-in in all vm of the node) !

Can you help me ?

Sorry for my bad english.


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