[PVE-User] LVM volume not displayed in pve interface

Nicola Ferrari (#554252) nicolafrr at yahoo.it
Thu Oct 8 08:31:59 CEST 2015

Good morning.

I'm using pve3.4 on 3 proliant server in conjunction with a HP P2000 

HP Storage raid volumes are configured as physical disks, volume groups 
are added as pve storage, and vms uses lvm volumes as disk.

I got 3 groups defined as storage in pve:

if I browse san01 and san02 content in the interface everything is fine.

But, if i browse san03 it is displayed as empty. anyway there is a vm 
running that has its hd on that volume.

LVM volume (vm's disk) is correctly detected by lvdisplay and lvscan and 
marked as active. vm is running.
it seems that only pve interface cannot display that volume.
san03 storage (volume group) properties (free and used space,....) are 
displayed correctly.
what's happening? Any suggestion?

# lvscan
   ACTIVE            '/dev/vd03/vm-111-disk-3' [3.27 TiB] inherit

# vgdisplay vd03
   --- Volume group ---
   VG Name               vd03
   System ID
   Format                lvm2
   Metadata Areas        1
   Metadata Sequence No  29
   VG Access             read/write

(volume group vd03 is defined as "san03" in pve storages)

All three cluster nodes has the same behaviour.


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