[PVE-User] VDI on Proxmox anyone?

Angel Docampo adocampo at dltec.net
Wed Oct 7 10:17:50 CEST 2015

On 06/10/15 13:56, Hermann Himmelbauer wrote:
> Am 06.10.2015 um 13:53 schrieb Dimitris Beletsiotis:
>> Hi there,____
>> __ __
>> Correct me if I am wrong but below solutions (Windows TS and Linux X
>> clients) are not VDI with Proxmox.__
>> Windows Terminal services and Linux X desktops are totally different and
>> can be implemented on every virtualization platform (or bare metal).
>> The advantage of using Proxmox with Spice is the integration between the
>> virtualization environment and the (thin) client's desktop/experience.
>> VDI is more appealing on platforms like VMware Horizon where desktop and
>> applications are virtualized and management of images is much easier
>> (with high cost of course :-) )
> Exactly. And that was my initial question - if anyone has any idea of
> how to implement this with Proxmox or if he already has done this.
> AFAIK Redhat provides some kind of KVM/SPICE-based solution, although I
> doubt that it's ready for production?
> Best Regards,
> Hermann
Well, I wrote about x2go client because I found it better in network 
traffic than spice client itself.

Two years ago we implemented a very simple spice-based application which 
asked for a credentials and connected to proxmox using those credentials 
and then it shown the VMs where that user could connect to, as many 
users only have one VM (or VDI in this case), the desktop showed directly.
That was done with bash and zenity mainly, on the forums is said how to 
download the proxmox ticket from the command line and use it as 
parameter to remote-viewer.

So, if you want a spice approach, it can be done by you with some work, 
I do not know if Proxmox team will develop a desktop client for this in 
the future, but it can be acomplished with some bash scripting or using 
promox API.

Anyway, I reiterate, spice client is... "network expensive", and you'll 
need a good connection to work properly, in a LAN it shouldn't be a 
problem, but for remote clients is unbearable.

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