[PVE-User] About PVE-Firewall and WebGUI access

Hector Suarez Planas hector.suarez at codesa.co.cu
Mon Nov 16 22:06:02 CET 2015


El 16/11/2015 a las 03:10 PM, Dietmar Maurer escribió:

 >> I did a test with the PC with IP address and I reached the
 >> WebGUI of Proxmox VE without problems.It is assumed that the firewall
 >> should not allow access because the origin of the connection not part
 >> from the IP address neither172.16.1.7. :-(

 > Access form local network is enabled by default.

Thanks for the reply, Dietmar. It may be that if you have an 
infrastructure of subnets (VLANs) controlled by routers and firewall 
appliances, but if not, if I have only one subnet, anyone could reach 
the WebGUI interface Proxmox, which should not be. :-(


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