[PVE-User] About PVE-Firewall and WebGUI access

Hector Suarez Planas hector.suarez at codesa.co.cu
Mon Nov 16 15:14:47 CET 2015


Yesterday I was trying Proxmox VE 4.0 at home and I noticed something 
curious. The thing was that Proxmox configured the firewall to restrict 
access to Web management and SSH. The result was that the rule for SSH 
works, but not the WebGUI. For instance:

- Network ID:
- Hypervisors Proxmox VE: (v4.0), (v3.4)
- Network Equipment Management:,

Security group:, --- (ACCEPT) ---> { |}: {8006 | 40497}

I created a PC with IP address and it access smoothly to 
the WebGUI of the two hypervisors, which shows that the rule is not working.


Lic. Hector Suarez Planas
Administrador Nodo CODESA
Santiago de Cuba
Blog: http://nihilanthlnxc.cubava.cu/
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