[PVE-User] vzdump backup timing out

John Crisp jcrisp at safeandsoundit.co.uk
Wed Nov 11 16:40:11 CET 2015

Hi Dietmar,

On 11/11/15 16:29, Dietmar Maurer wrote:
>> But there is no sign of 'maxfiles' option and as this is an
>> automatically generated file it would seem that you can't easily modify it.
> maxfiles is a storage property...

Yes it is a configuration option under storage. But what does it
actually control as it doesn't appear to be clear ?

I (and undoubtedly others) had presumed that as it is alongside the
Content selection it would limit the amount of files on the given
storage (in this case the USB backup drive).

I guess an option under Backup to limit/rotate backups would be an NFR
then :-)

B. Rgds

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