[PVE-User] vzdump backup timing out

Daniel Bayerdorffer danielb at numberall.com
Tue Nov 10 16:31:22 CET 2015

Hi Emmanuel and Alain,

Thank you for the help and advice. I'll try staggering the backups for now and see how it goes. I do like knowing I can limit the bandwidth as well.

Emmanuel, do you know if vzdump.conf can be overwritten by Proxmox? I assume anytime you mess around with it's internals, that it could get overwritten.


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On 11/07/2015 10:28 PM, Michael Rasmussen wrote:
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> Daniel Bayerdorffer <danielb at numberall.com> wrote:
>> Hi Alain, 
>> Thanks in advance for your help. At first I thought my storage was full as well. So I deleted any existing backups and tried again. It worked when I did a manual backup, but again failed on a scheduled backup. 
>> VM101 is about 100 Gig, and VM102 is about 9 Gig. 
> I think it is caused by congestion on your backup device/network. When
> you do a manual backup there is only 1 backup running concurrently but
> when the scheduled backup runs it will start backup concurrently if the
> VM's which is to be backed up is running on different Proxmox host. To
> overcome this problem you should make a scheduled backup for each
> proxmox host running on a different time scale so that there at any
> time only runs a scheduled backup of one VM.

Alternatively you can also reduce the network congestion by setting a
I/O bandwith limit in /etc/vzdump.conf.

If you backup over a Gigabit ethernet network, you can setup for instance

bwlimit: 51200

(unit is *KBytes* )

so a single backup do not try to use more than half of the network

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