[PVE-User] Virtual networking in proxmox?

David Black proxmox at 1000.relay.net
Tue May 19 13:24:40 CEST 2015

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> > >> Do you plan to implement virtual networking within new Proxmox 4.0
> > >> version? Or somewhere in near future?
> > > What exactly is 'virtual networking'? We already have a very flexible
> > > network setup and OVS support.
> > >
> > I'm looking for a solution that I could make Virtual VLAN for some
> > specific VMs only and could do that in a simple manner
> You can already do that on the GUI by just specifying the VLAN tag.
> Looks quite simple to me.

Without switch configuration for the additional VLAN IDs, that'll work only if all the VMs are on a single host, or on two hosts with point-to-point trunks.

Sten may be asking about Layer-2 tunnel/overlay network protocols like VxLAN and GRE, both of which OVS implements.
Here's an article with OVS setup examples:  http://networkstatic.net/configuring-vxlan-and-gre-tunnels-on-openvswitch/


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