[PVE-User] Storage System/Server question

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay.mathieson at gmail.com
Tue May 5 03:32:01 CEST 2015

You definitely need multiple disks for ceph - I initially tried a 2 node/2
disk ceph setup, it worked by write performance was  dreadful. I'm now up
to 1 ssd (ceph journal) & 3 disks per node and its reached "acceptable"

Some other considerations:

- live replication/availability. A ceph node can be taken down for
upgrades/maintenance or replaced and the system keeps chugging without data

- Administration. I feel that ZFS is a lot easier in this regard. Trivially
easy to add disks, caching etc. Ceph requires far more technical knowledge.

- Backup. ZFS snapshot copy is pretty easy, but requires a 2nd ZFS server

- Overhead. If your PVE nodes are also your ceph/zfs  servers than that
will impact performance. I worry that ceph has added considerable overhead
to my PVE nodes, its hard to assess.

- Snapshots. Form me ceph rbd snapshot restore is unacceptably slow. Dunno
what the zfs ones are like.

>From a small business setup I'd tend to recommend ZFS and/or a NAS. Ceph is
a lot of work to setup and keep running. I'm doing it here with a our 3
node/30 VM setup, but I sometimes wish I'd stuck with a NAS. OTOH we really
wanted storage redundancy.

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