[PVE-User] Console keyboard layout

Sten Aus sten.aus at eenet.ee
Wed Mar 18 15:24:32 CET 2015

Still no success:
>> Mar 18 12:44:47 starting online/live migration on *********:60000
>> parse error in '/etc/pve/datacenter.cfg' - 'keyboard': value 'et-ee' 
>> does not have a value in the enumeration 'pt, tr, ja, es, no, is, 
>> fr-ca, fr, pt-br, da, fr-ch, sl, de-ch, en-gb, it, en-us, fr-be, hu, 
>> pl, nl, mk, fi, lt, sv, de'*
>> *
> *So it's hardcoded in somewhere*
There's a "et" keymap in /usr/share/kvm/keymaps/et, but still no luck 
using it in Proxmox Console. Proxmox datacenter.cfg seems only to accept 
those hardcoded values mentioned in error code above.
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