[PVE-User] user do not have access to stotage

Mikhail m at plus-plus.su
Fri Mar 13 20:49:45 CET 2015

To add storage to the pool:

You have to choose the pool you created (on the left menu from proxmox
admin page, under "Datacenter"), then you will see 3 tabs: "Summary",
"Members" and "Permissions". To add storage, you need to choose
"Members" tab and then "Add" -> "Storage" and choose what storage to add.

Proxmox's documentation isn't that clear and complete, so we have to
gather information from other resources, like mailing list members and
Proxmox API reference =)


On 03/13/2015 10:18 PM, Fábio Rabelo wrote:
> OK, created a pool called CPD
> Then assigned PVEAdmin  +  PVEDatastoreAdmin  +  PVEVMAdmin to the pool
> still, there are no stora option ....
> And I cannot find any reference in the doc (
> http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/User_Management ) about assigning a sotrage
> to a pool, what kind of object I need to use ??
> My sotorage are called CPD-Mec  ( there will be a CPD_SSD in near future
> ) so, what will be the object to use ?
> /storage/CPD-Mec ?
> /PVE/CPD_Mec  ?

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