[PVE-User] DRBD & Proxmox scenario

Gilou contact+dev at gilouweb.com
Thu Mar 12 16:11:15 CET 2015

Le 10/03/2015 10:08, Gilou a écrit :
> Le 10/03/2015 09:29, Dietmar Maurer a écrit :
>>> I suggest you consider using LVM type storage. Use for underlaying 
>>> storage (PV) the DRBD metadevice. This way you don't need any cluster 
>>> filesystem, only CLVM which is included with Proxmox.
>> Just want to mention that clvm is not really required, because all pve tools
>> use their own locking mechanism...
> Hi,
> This is good. I tried it, and it seems to work as advertised.
> Question then, what about CT/OpenVZ ? If I mount a LV (over drbd) as an
> ext* partition, will it manage the locking by itself? Or is it not
> possible ?

So, no option to have at the same time snapshotting (qcow2) & VZ running
on a shared storage ? I see GlusterFS doesn't work well with OpenVZ...
Should I just ditch OpenVZ, or use only an external NFS NAS for this?
I'm quite reluctant to have a NFS+ext4 system on the slaves that
replicates, but maybe that is an option...



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