[PVE-User] Some thought about zfs based configurations

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Pongrácz István <pongracz.istvan at gmail.com> wrote:

> Summary
> I think using ZFS as filesystem has more potential than recent storage/backup model used by pve 3.4 or 4.x.
> I wrote this "article" to try to push proxmox team to improve the system in a way or give them a feedback, your direction is a good way :)
> I have a proxmox node, which is using zfs in such a way I described (except btrfs) and that node is up an running for more than 657 days now.
uptime for a server <=> security or stability. Long uptimes also means
a lot of active kernel bugs fixed in more resent kernels.

For your claim of been able to recover a node from crash quickly as a
consequence of using ZFS this can be easily achieved with the current
default install of Proxmox when sticking to these three rules:

1) A node is simply used as runtime for VM's/CT's.
2) All virtual disks for VM's/CT's resides on shared storage.
3) Backups are stored on shared storage as well.

Then to recover a node is simply a matter of reinstall from backup.

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