[PVE-User] GlusterFS slow resync

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay.mathieson at gmail.com
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Unfortunately yes, GlusterFS is very slow to resync. When it detects a file is out of sync it has two methods to resync.

1. Copy the entire file across – bandwidth intensive
2. Compare checksums of each block in the file and copy across blocks that don’t match. CPU intensive.

Both methods are very slow for large files

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I am testing a 2 nodes cluster with glusterFS.

GlusterFS is configured with 4 (raid-5) 1Tbyte disk, so there are 2 bricks replicated (1 per server).

I have a VM with a VirtualDisk qcow2 of 2,5Tbyte, and the file is now 950Gbyte.

After rebooting one of the two nodes, glusterFS needs more than 12 hours to resync (the nodes are connected with a p2p infiniband 10Gbit card).

Someone have similar problems ? Is GlusterFS not so usable for big VM's ? 

Regards, Fabrizio 

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