[PVE-User] VM locked icon to GUI

Emmanuel Kasper e.kasper at proxmox.com
Mon Jul 20 10:33:55 CEST 2015

On 07/17/2015 06:40 PM, Gerald Brandt wrote:
> On 2015-07-17 01:34 AM, Sten Aus wrote:
>> Hi
>> Is it possible to have little lock sign next to VM icon in the GUI
>> when VM is locked (for backup etc)?

Hi Gerald
A problem here might be that different storages have different
interpretation of what is considered to be online.

IIRC for example with NFS, when the nfs server disappears in the
network, the mount is still considered to be valid by the kernel, and
the next file system calls will hang, waiting indefinitely for the
server to be online again.

So at least for NFS, I don't see an easy way to detect a storage as
being offline.


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