[PVE-User] [pve-devel] backup : add pigz compressor

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Fri Jul 10 13:00:34 CEST 2015

> >>Aren't there solutions to this already? INotify based sync daemons (or
> >>even just a cronjob)?
> yes, it could be done like this, but it more difficult if you have a proxmox
> backups running,
> and in paralell rsync running. (if rsync are not fast enough, temp storage
> could be full).
> I would like something like:
> proxmox backup job1: backup temp storage , rsync , 
>   then 
> proxmox backup job2: backup temp storage , rsync .
>  ....
> sequentially
> also,for restore, It's more easy if the backup storage is the one defined in
> backup job.

The current backup format (vma) is not really rsync-able, because it stores
blocks out
of order. That is why I already implemented a 'dir' backup mode inside qemu,
which just
writes the images as raw files into a directory. A backup hook script can then
rsync those
files to another location.

But I have not implemented support for that 'dir' format inside vzdump

I also want to mention our new pve-zsync tool. You can easily make snapshot
backups and
sync it to a remote location if you use ZFS (whitout using additional local

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