[PVE-User] Open vSwitch with multiple VLANs

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On Fri, 23 Jan 2015 14:47:30 +0200
Sten Aus <sten.aus at eenet.ee> wrote:

> So, all vmbrs (vmbr10, vmbr20, vmbr30, vmbr40 and vmbr50) are connected to VLANs on Proxmox host and are being used in VMs and as far as I know, I can't connect one physical Proxmox host port (eth0) to multiple ovs bridges.
> That means I can't leave my VMs configuration like that, is that right?
The hole idea behind OpenVswitch (OVS) is to emulate a psychical switch
so that a OVS can have multiple ports each with either vlan tags or not,
different MTU, access port or trunk port (like a switch fabric in
hardware). Therefore when using OVS you normally only have 1 switch and
the you configure each port according to your needs.

With Linux Bridges this is different because the configuration is
applied to the bridge itself. This means that any vNIC attached the
bridge share the same configuration so to be able to support several
configurations you need to create a bridge for each desired

Generally speaking you can compare a OVS to a managed switch while a
Linux Bridge can be compared to an unmanaged switch.

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