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I agree with Adam, iSCSI would be the better option, but I'd go Raid10, Not Raid5 or any of the RaidZ options.
And do it without using a hardware raid controller (i.e. let FreeNAS manage the disks) as ZFS and hardware raid don't really play well together.
RaidZ (Z2 etc) will give good read speeds but will only write at the speed of the slowest disk in the raid set (and will complete writes to one disk before writing to the next) so can end up maxing out at 80ish meg/sec.
So... iSCSI multipath + Raid10 will give you the best performance. I've had a small site in production like this for the last 2 years running faultlessly, and the improvements to FreeNAS's iSCSI from version 9.3 are looking very good.

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> Hello,
> Someone can tell me if my scenario is ok:
> Two servers :
> - A Proxmox server RAID5
> - A storage server FreeNas RAID5.
> On the Proxmox server I configure an NFS share to FreeNas (FreeNas
> sharing a ZFS volume, zvol) both servers communicate 10Gbps .
> on Proxmox, there will most 30 VM .
> It's good ?

It will work.
Exporting iSCSI would be better.
Not using harware RAID on FreeNAS, and using software RAID Z, Z2 or Z3 would be even better.
Why do you need RAID5 on the Proxmox server if the VMs are stored on a separate system?  If it is your only Proxmox system (i.e. not a cluster) then RAID is useful, but otherwise not really necessary.

Unless you're running OpenVZ containers, in which case forget everything I've said here, except that LVM-over-iSCSI might still be better/faster than NFS... not 100% certain, I don't use containers.

If the storage server is dedicated to Proxmox, then iSCSI allocation isn't an issue - just allocate 100% of your disk space to the iSCSI volume(s).

-Adam Thompson
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