[PVE-User] ZFS on top of ZFS ?

Philippe Schwarz phil at schwarz-fr.net
Mon Jan 19 18:43:14 CET 2015

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Le 19/01/2015 18:34, Fábio Rabelo a écrit :
> Scenario :
> Dedicated Storage running  OmniOS, RAID Z3 with 12 6 TB Hard disks
> .]
> 4 Proxmox nodes, latest version .
> Setup a VM running Debian Squeeze with ZFS on Linux with 8 x 1TB
> volumes on dedicates Storage .
> Setup a RAID Z3 volume in this VM, it will be a file server .
> Questions :
> Possible ?
> Any dead end ?
> Something to avoid ?
> Anyone already did that ?
Hi, seems over complex, non ??
I don't know if Zfs On Linux is production ready, but:
- - Have you done perf test on your Storage server ? I'm not so found of
RaidZ3.. Poor IOPS despite the protection offered by the high
redudancy. I don't use 6Tb disks, but 1 RaidZ3 with 12 X6Tb disk will
have 1 X 6Tb disk IOPS.... Could be so low..
- - Why mix VM with dedicated storage ? Shouldn't you set up a dedicated
server with dedicated storage ? Are yYou going to fight with issues;
it'll be with another layer of complexity because of the interaction
of the VM, the HBA controller, the caches...What an headache it can
turn into..

For production, i find it so complex, that I, personnaly, wouldn't
rely on it.

Best regards

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