[PVE-User] Is it possible to use qemu Livebackup feature withProxmox?

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As I wrote earlier, you are able to use other filesystems under proxmox, which supports this kind of feature. I know, using other filesystem under proxmox than the default is not a "wash&go" solution, but worth it.

Now I am able to create live snapshots as many as I want, as frequently as I want and I can send incremental backups over the network. In this case the on-site backup is "free" (in time and in storage), remote backup is quick (just send the difference between snapshots over the network).

I use zfs on linux for years in several servers, even desktops, but one can try btrfs, too, which seems also has a lot of good features.

So, if you need extra features, you should give them a try.




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>Here it is:
>Source Code Repositories
>Currently, Livebackup is available as an enhancement to both the qemu and qemu-kvm 
>projects. The goal is to get Livebackup accepted by the qemu project, and then flow through to the 
>qemu-kvm project.
>Clone git://[github.com/jagane/qemu-livebackup.git to get access to a clone of the 
>qemu source tree with Livebackup enhancements.
>Clone git://github.com/jagane/qemu-kvm-livebackup.git -> 
>http://github.com/jagane/qemu-livebackup.git] to get access to a clone of the qemu-kvm source tree with Livebackup enhancements.
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