[PVE-User] Mount ceph storage to replace vm image

Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
Tue Feb 24 11:52:39 CET 2015


On 24/02/15 11:42, Mailing Lists wrote:
> I'm running proxmox with ceph storage backend and I'm looking to 
> import an existing vm into proxmox. I've converted it to kvm/qcow2 and 
> created a new vm in proxmox with similar disk parameters but I cannot 
> figure out how to mount the ceph volume so I can copy over the 
> existing vm image.
> Can anyone give me any pointers?
> Current vm I want to replace in proxmox says: 
> ceph-store-1:vm-110-disk,size=32G

Remove that (empty) RBD disk. Create an empty qcow2 disk in the VM, then 
replace the created empty file with the one you have. Finally select the 
disk in proxmox interface and move it to ceph storage.


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