[PVE-User] Installation question

Michael Doerner - TechnologyWise michael at tw.co.nz
Sat Feb 21 22:53:45 CET 2015


we use Proxmox for "small" server installations where we need a Linux VM 
(for most of the requirements) and usually a small Windows VM (Win7) for 
remote (RDP) access. These servers have local storage and we usually 
have a hardware RAID controller (RAID1) for the data and would like the 
Proxmox OS to be separated on a SSD.

We have not been able to use a standard Proxmox install to select to 
install the OS onto SSD when the RAID controller is connected at 
installation time. Our workaround is to have the controller disconnected 
and then later to format the RAID array manually and then to link this 
as "pve_data". A bit ugly I find.

I would love to start using ZFS for a low end installation rather having 
to use a hardware RAID controller. A firs test with a new Proxmox 3.4 
installation CD seems to show the same result. It seems we would have to 
install with SSD attached only and then manually to create the ZFS pool 
at a later stage.

Am I looking at this wrongly? Is this considered a bad approach or is 
our view to separate OS and data wrong? Would appreciate your comments.


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