[PVE-User] Proxmox for distributed environment

Wolfgang Link w.link at proxmox.com
Wed Feb 18 21:39:34 CET 2015

Proxmox have currently no global view over clusters. you must manage all 
cluster by them self.



Am 18.02.15 um 10:13 schrieb Andrew (Mac) McIver:
> Is Proxmox VE the right tool for a "star" layout of multiple small virtualization clusters, geographically distributed, but with central single-pane management?
> The hypervisors (two per site) won't have network or storage shared with other sites. The current solution is non-managed standalone hypervisor hosts (with internal disks) at around 1000 geographically separated locations.
> I couldn't find any related references on the website, hence the question here.

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