[PVE-User] VM autostart - NFS not ready

Frank, Petric (Petric) Petric.Frank at alcatel-lucent.com
Tue Feb 17 09:43:56 CET 2015


i've mounted an NFS share to store the VM disks. After installation i activated the "start at boot" option.

When I reboot the proxmox machine it properly shuts down the VMs. But after re-boot the VMs are not running.
A manual start afterwards is always successful.

In the tasks log i found:
  <timestamp> <timestamp> <node1> <user name> VM103 - Start  Error: storage 'datapool1' is not online

datapool1 is the NFS storage where the VM disks are located.

For me it looks like the VM start either does not wait for NFS shares to become ready before starting the VM or the NFS mount operation is executed too late.

Any hints to solve this ?

Installed Proxmox is at version 3.3-5/bfebec03

Kind regards

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