[PVE-User] IPv6 issues after last update

Holger Hampel | RA Consulting h.hampel at rac.de
Sun Feb 15 19:37:46 CET 2015


After the last no-supscription update all VM's and CT's lost IPv6 connectivity:

- Ubuntu 8.04 / virtio
- Win2003 / E1000  (virtio lost IPv6 connectivity several months ago)

The CT's are pingable from the host, but not from the network.

On another system I hold back "proxmox-ve-2.6.32 pve-manager pve-qemu-kvm" - there IPv6 seems to work normal.

As workaround I booted the old kernel 2.6.32-34-pve.

Similar experience? Solution (beside migration to the subscription machines)?

>From the trouble with virtio 0.1.81 in Win2003: the cause seemed to be the neighbour discovery, which stuck.


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