[PVE-User] Multi Proxmox Cluster with common Ceph cluster

Alexandre DERUMIER aderumier at odiso.com
Fri Dec 25 15:39:13 CET 2015


you can have 1 ceph cluster, with 2 pools, 1 pool for each proxmox cluster.

But with only 2 DC, It's not possible to always have quorum if you loose 1 DC.

(you need quorum for ceph monitors).

So, for real multi datacenter ceph cluster, you need 3dc, with 1 mon on each DC .

Also note that ceph replication is syncronous, so you need to have good latencies between your DC.

Next ceph release (jewel), will have rbd mirroring  (asyncronous mirroring of pool or rbd volume), to remote ceph 
cluster, for disaster recovery.

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Is it posssible to create a multi Proxmox cluster with 1 Ceph cluster ? 

Explanation : 

2 Datacenter 

D1 : 
D2 : 

1 D1 Proxmox cluster 
1 D2 Proxmox cluster 

1 common Ceph cluster ( with a little crushmap to replicate D1 to D2 and D2 to D1) in the 2 Proxmox cluster 


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