[PVE-User] Installing Hardware RAID.

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Some of the new raid controllers replaced the battery with a ssd.

With proper hardware raid, your raid should be transparent to the OS.

We have been using proxmox with proper hardware raid for years.

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> On 18 Dec 2015, at 12:26 PM, Eneko Lacunza <elacunza at binovo.es> wrote:
> Hi Muhammad,
>> El 17/12/15 a las 19:32, Muhammad Yousuf Khan escribió:
>> I have been using Proxmox for so long this is my first time that i may need to use Hardware RAID instead of MDADM, Just asking for my knowledge as i we are planning to buy a raid controller.how do you guys recommend installing Hardware RAID. regardless of fake or true RAID.
>> I am asking this because there are two methods of installing Proxmox (a) first install debian, (b) then installing PVE kernel.
>> However the 2nd type of installation is via ISO image.  and i am mostly using the first method with software RAID or ZFS. this is my first time i am looking into Hardware raid installation.
>> so which method do you guys prefer?
>> I can see Debian Jessie has the driver for my RAID CARD.
>> here is the model HP DL380
>> https://wiki.debian.org/HP/ProLiant
>> any sharing knowledge will be highly appreciated.
> I always use ISO image, except when I need to do something not supported by it (i.e. softraid ;) ).
> Please, do not use fakeRAID. If you're using RAID card for performance reasons, use one with battery backed/NV cache.
> Cheers
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