[PVE-User] 2008R2 Disk driver issues?

Craig Mitchell ctm at xsis.net.au
Mon Dec 14 00:48:13 CET 2015

Had the same thing with W2012R2 just now, had to change the boot drive 
to IDE. I noticed that a SUSE scsi driver had been loaded (I assume by 
the update).

Other virtio drives on the same machine were now using the SUSE driver 
and couldn't been seen by the OS. Changing them back to the virtio 
driver allowed them to be seen after a reboot.

No resolution as yet on the boot drive though, machine is in production 
& running so I won't touch again until the weekend.



Craig Mitchell

On 14/12/15 10:19, Lindsay Mathieson wrote:
> Anyone had problems with virtio and 2008R2 recently?
> I applied some much over due windows updates on our 2008R2 servers 
> yesterday and now they won't boot unless I reattach their drives as IDE.
> I did notice some redhat drivers appearing in windows update a while 
> back but won't be able to investigate till tonight.

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