[PVE-User] ZVOL question / confusion.

Muhammad Yousuf Khan sirtcp at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 06:16:38 CET 2015

Thanks for your response.

Yannis, i really appreciate your help and information. actually i am
comparing Proxmox Clone with ZFS clone. they both work very differently.
ZFS-clone share the dataset however Proxmox-clone make copy of the whole
 as it says ZFS-clone share the same dataset then it means the purpose of
the clone is not making a mirror copy of dataset (or in other words clone a
VM) then what is the use of ZFS clone?

i know this question is off topic from the forum however since i am about
to use it in production with Proxmox so i am asking to those who already
experiencing the same scenarios. i hope   you guys do not mind it.

Lindsay, thanks for sharing that but i am trying to learn some back end
relation of ZFS with Proxmox.
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