[PVE-User] ZVOL question / confusion.

Yannis Milios yannis.milios at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 23:33:43 CET 2015

Hi Muhammad,

This should clear up things a bit (taken from Oracle ZFS Admin guide):

"A clone is a writable volume or file system whose initial contents are 
the same as the dataset from which it was created. As with snapshots, 
creating a clone is nearly instantaneous and initially consumes no 
additional disk space. In addition, you can snapshot a clone.

Clones can only be created from a snapshot. When a snapshot is cloned, 
an implicit dependency is created between the clone and snapshot. Even 
though the clone is created somewhere else in the dataset hierarchy, the 
original snapshot cannot be destroyed as long as the clone exists."



On 12/07/2015 11:59 AM, Muhammad Yousuf Khan wrote:
> i have been playing with Proxmgather for testing. i have created a 
> snapshot of a VM with ZFS command. i have also cloned that snapshot 
> successfully. original on disk size of a zvol was. 28GB and snapshot 
> size was few MBs.
> king-tank/local-vm/vm-101-disk-1               131G   893G 28.1G  -
> king-tank/local-vm/vm-101-disk-1 at data-1  20.4M      -  28.1G
> now i have create a clone of a snapshot. vm-110-disk-1
> king-tank/local-vm/vm-110-disk-1            8K   789G  28.1G -
> now my question is first when i ran the clone command it just clone 
> the snapshot in few seconds.
> how ever i was expecting the whole VM data should be cloned which was 
> which is 28GB and that process should have taken some time.
> doest that mean clone just means making a copy of the snapshot (20MB)  
> and not the whole machine (actual 28GB) data it self?
> if i want to use this clone and add it to the proxmox api for further 
> use. then how could i do it?
> your help will be highly appreciated
> Thanks,
> Yousuf
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