[PVE-User] It does not turn on LXC

Karel González Herrera karel.gonzalez at etecsa.cu
Wed Dec 23 16:39:08 CET 2015

in Proxmox 4.0 when the cluster is red that is to say have problems with 
corosync service is stopped on some of the nodes for something the lxc 
not light until we until you address this problem
this is the error

to start**.**
****lxc**-start**:****lxc_start.c****main:****346****To get****more 
details**, run****the****container****in****foreground****mode**.**
command****'**lxc**-start****-n****102'****failed:****exit code****1*

any idea how to turn these lxc in this way to solve the problem of corosync


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