[PVE-User] ZVOL question / confusion.

Muhammad Yousuf Khan sirtcp at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 12:59:52 CET 2015

i have been playing with Proxmgather for testing. i have created a snapshot
of a VM with ZFS command. i have also cloned that snapshot successfully.
original on disk size of a zvol was. 28GB and snapshot size was few MBs.

king-tank/local-vm/vm-101-disk-1               131G   893G  28.1G  -
king-tank/local-vm/vm-101-disk-1 at data-1  20.4M      -  28.1G

now i have create a clone of a snapshot. vm-110-disk-1

king-tank/local-vm/vm-110-disk-1            8K   789G  28.1G  -

now my question is first when i ran the clone command it just clone the
snapshot in few seconds.
how ever i was expecting the whole VM data should be cloned which was which
is 28GB and that process should have taken some time.

doest that mean clone just means making a copy of the snapshot (20MB)  and
not the whole machine (actual 28GB) data it self?

if i want to use this clone and add it to the proxmox api for further use.
then how could i do it?

your help will be highly appreciated

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