[PVE-User] Install from usb-pendrive

Dick Kniep dick.kniep at lindix.nl
Thu Aug 13 10:30:11 CEST 2015

Hi list,

My previous mail lacked the actual problem.... (Copy problem)

We have been using proxmox for some 5 years now and I have been very happy with it. So thank you for the effort you have put into it.

Now recently we had a hardware failure in our main cluster of 3 proxmox machines. We could migrate the vm's from the failing node to another one and everything is working again albeit a little slower because we miss processing power. 

The hardware failure was a harddisk problem. So I replaced the harddisks and tried to install proxmox from a USB key (the machine does not have a CD-R). The install fails because it tries to unmount the cd which is not there....

I found some posts about this problem and they basically suggest to run the installer in debug mode and when it fails chroot the iso to /mnt and run sbin/unconfigured.sh.

However when I try this I get the message "Exec format error" and the installer will not run. Any ideas how I can work around this? 


Met vriendelijke groet,
Dick Kniep
Lindix BV
tel. 036-5215580
mob. 06-50991858

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