[PVE-User] Linux bridge, kvm, ipv6, intel 10gbe

Sten Aus sten.aus at eenet.ee
Tue Apr 28 11:30:02 CEST 2015


> openvswitch is the way to go.

I sure hope so. :)

Open vSwitch has been in my mind for some months now. I’ve tested it in 
January (ovs version 2.3.0-1) and got it to work, but as our cluster is 
quite big, I planned to go to ovs in the future.
Anyway it seems that on that node Open vSwitch it is not working as 
fluently as it worked with other node in January. OVS is 2.3.1-1 and now 
I’ve used 10G interface. Then I used 1G interface on motherboard.



    After reboot, my 10G interface (eth5) is not connected to the bridge
    (udev changes interface names) and thus no packets go to network. As
    soon as i put eth5 to vmbr1234 everything works:
    |ovs-vsct add-port vmbr1234 eth5|
     From /dmesg/ I can see that 10G interface has names: eth1 -> eth5
    and 1G appears as eth2->rename4->eth0
    Despite the fact that //etc/rcS.d// I can see that udev is 02,
    openvswitch 12 and networking 13th in startup row. Awkward.


    Also, two OVSIntPorts will not come “up” (storage88 and storage84 -
    maybe numbers in OVSIntPort name?).

Okay, after some manual configuration I got OVS running, but:


    Regular/normal ping will lost 4 packets from time to time. For
    example, at the beginning 0-3 packets are lost somewhere, I will
    hear reply after 4th packet. And then same thing happens after 14th
    packet or so.


    And within ovs 2.3.0 version I was able to create OVSIntPort with
    “vmbr” name as well, now I need to add different name to my Internal
    port (within one node).


  * Downgraded i40e driver from 1.2.38 (downloaded from Intel webpage)
    to 1.1.23 and no OVS is almost working. Storage interfaces are still
    pain. Ping works correctly, but no iscsi connections are made.

Although udev is still a problem.

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