[PVE-User] Losing quorum - cluster broken

Nicolas Costes nicolas.costes at univ-nantes.fr
Thu Apr 23 18:10:26 CEST 2015

Le jeudi 23 avril 2015 18:00:05 vous avez écrit :
> That sounds annoying. Can you restore stability by using the former
> 2.6.32 kernel or the 3.10 kernel?

> Notice that disabling offloading should only be done as a temporarily
> bug fix since turning off offloading hurts performance.

Ok, so lets go the kernel upgrade way. How can I do it ?

# uname -r -m
2.6.32-37-pve x86_64

This cluster is not actually in production so I can act quite agressive on it. 
But then, I want it easy to maintain so I don't want exotic fixes :)

Nicolas Costes
Responsable de parc informatique
IUT de la Roche-sur-Yon
Université de Nantes

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