[PVE-User] backup archive size

Lutz Markus Willek l.willek at science-computing.de
Sat Sep 27 18:47:52 CEST 2014


and then backup the vm again

regards lutz willek

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> Hi,
>  Backup compression is done on a block level (there is no filesystem 
> knowledge), so you can have "dirty" blocks in the virtual device that don't 
> compress well, although you guest filesystem knows they're free.
>  On 18/09/14 09:52, Tonči Stipičević wrote:
> Hello to all
>  I have one VM win2012r2 with two virtio qcow2 disks  .
>  1st one is 100G big with 20G data on it.
>  I'm backing only this partition up , 2nd one has "no-backup" flag, 
>  and backup archive turnes out to be 72G big  .
>  How is that possible since I have "only"  20G  of data ?
>  Thank you very much in advance and 
>  BR
>  Tonci Stipicevic
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