[PVE-User] GlusterFS Questions

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay.mathieson at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 13:54:36 CEST 2014

On Thu, 23 Oct 2014 04:32:54 AM admin-at-extremeshok-dot-com wrote:
> If you still want to use glusterfs, Create 2 sets of replicated slaves with
> 6 brocks each. Each node has its own master and its slave is replicated to
> the other server. This provides a backup. Reads are local, writes are
> replicated and non realtime, this allows you to have minmal network load.

Ok, it took me a while to figure what you meant here until I read up on 
gluster geo replication. 

Basically each node will be a master and a slave, asynchronously replicating 
its storage to the other node. I'm not sure why 6 blocks per node is needed 

Very neat - basically the same as the Hyper-V Replica framework. But I would 
lose the ability to migrate VM's between nodes, which I would like to keep.

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