[PVE-User] On VMware vSphere

Martin Maurer martin at proxmox.com
Thu Oct 2 20:22:06 CEST 2014

vsphere is the market leader and there is some great software, but in a lot of situations Proxmox VE is a good replacement. At least this was the case for several thousands of happy Proxmox VE users.

The main reasons why people shift to Proxmox VE:

1. Open source license and far lower costs TCO
Did someone remember the vsphere blackout in 2008 - all vmware support lines were overloaded, no one in the world can start VM due a license bug - vmware released a bug fix soon but as all their pages was overloaded, no one could get the fix fast, phone support was totally dead.
Just a small example for hair-raising bugs from the big players. Every software got bugs, but if the sources are closed its impossible to fix by your own (or pay someone to fix it for you).

2. no extra management server needed, no SPOF in a Proxmox VE Cluster, fast setup

3. great hardware support, a lot of storage option, including Ceph RBD

4. Active and helpful community, but also commercial support for a fair price

5. Latest qemu/KVM and OpenVZ containers

Of course, the list is not complete. Some users do also NOT trust US based software companies anymore, as the NSA has direct access to all their data by US law - especially customers outside USA are not that happy about this.  So just compare and choose what fits to your setup and needs!


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