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Guy Plunkett guy at britewhite.net
Thu Oct 2 12:50:15 CEST 2014

well I’m the opposite.. I mainly use Debian, Ubuntu and Centos. 




> On 2 Oct 2014, at 11:26, Gilberto Nunes <gilberto.nunes32 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Guy
> Yes... Me too... Mainly TurnKey Linux templates works as a charm... But CentOS and Debian, doesn't work properly here... Perhaps it's some misconfiguration...
> I'll keep try...
> Thanks
> 2014-10-02 4:30 GMT-03:00 Guy Plunkett <guy at britewhite.net <mailto:guy at britewhite.net>>:
> I use openVZ templates all the time, I have many different types and they all works just fine… Sure some/most have timezone set to Germany but that’s simple enough to change!
>> On 2 Oct 2014, at 08:27, Martin Maurer <martin at proxmox.com <mailto:martin at proxmox.com>> wrote:
>> Reading the docs can help here:
>> http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/OpenVZ_Console <http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/OpenVZ_Console>
>> Best Regards,
>> Martin Maurer
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>> Subject: [PVE-User] OpenVZ Templates...
>> Hi
>> Why is so difficult running OpenVZ Templates, downloaded from Proxmox Template directory??
>> Some of templates simply doesn't work...
>> I try Debian and CentOS and both failure...
>> Debian even do not allow me log in and CentOS give me a black screen...
>> I solved it, with vzctl enter <VMID> and created tty.conf, but I can't switch to root and even set suid to /bin/su...
>> I just thought that this template should come more properly configured...
>> Gilberto Ferreira
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> Gilberto Ferreira

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