[PVE-User] Can I delete the hard disk of a running VM??!! Really??!! It can't be!!!

Hector Suarez Planas hector.suarez at codesa.co.cu
Thu Oct 16 23:41:41 CEST 2014


I'm testing a VM with VyOS and I accidentally delete the hard disk, but ¡¡¡The VM still powered on!!!. I reboot the VM and working on after reboot. Where is the hard disk? Well, the qcow2 file do not exist on /var/lib/vz/imaged/VMID. This thing is using a cached hard disk??!! I thought I went crazy, but not.

I power off the VM completely and turn on it again. Aaaaaahhh, disk not found:

No bootable device

This bug must be fix. When VM is powered on, the hard disk or other device must be locked.

If someone malicious comes up to remove hard disks of our powered on virtual machines, we're screwed.

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