[PVE-User] Two proxmox clusters sharing same storage

Chris Murray chrismurray84 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 12:37:17 CEST 2014



Can anyone explain why the below happens please and if it's meant to?


Suppose I have two clusters.


Cluster #1 uses NFS mount A (and B and C)

Cluster #2 uses NFS mount B (and C)


On cluster #1, I create a VM with ID 113 on NFS A. Install an OS, all

On cluster #2, I create a VM with ID 113 on NFS B. Install an OS, all


Both are working at this point.


On cluster #1, power down and remove VM 113.


Cluster #2's VM 113 hangs. Look on NFS B... the virtual disk has


Why would the deletion of the VM from cluster #1 affect the disk on NFS
B, despite it not being used for that VM? I understand that there's a
mount to B from cluster #1, but the only file it should have deleted was
on A.


I ran into this while migrating from one cluster to another. I was very
careful to ensure that I wouldn't overlap two VMs with one file while I
was DD'ing behind the scenes, but still suffered missing files when some
of the original VMs were deleted because some old VMs were sharing the
same ID numbers as new VMs.




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